Pensions, minimum wages, allowances and scholarships to be increased by 20-40%


October 20, Fineko/abc.az. Currently, the Draft State Budget for 2022 is being discussed. It is important that appropriate funds be allocated in the budget next year in connection with the social increase, so that the population can take advantage of it in a short time.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Labor & Employment Anar Kerimov.

The deputy minister noted that in accordance with the presidential decree from 16 October 2021 "On additional measures in the field of protecting the social welfare of the population", pensions, minimum wages, allowances and scholarships will be increased by 20-40% next year.

"The increase will cover 1.8 million people. It is very important. As in 2019-2020 social reforms were carried out in two stages. In 2020 the measures were taken to combat the pandemic. On behalf of the president the large-scale increases are planned next year," Kerimov said.