163 medical institutions are authorized to determine disability


June 8, Fineko/abc.az. In order to ensure efficiency in the assessment of disability, 163 medical institutions under the jurisdiction of public legal entity "Association for the Management of Medical Territorial Divisions" (TƏBIB) have been defined.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Agency for Mandatory Health Insurance that when determining the list of medical institutions, their capabilities and potential were taken into account, the material and technical base and human resources were selected for referral in connection with the disability assessment.

The measures taken are aimed at ensuring the access of citizens who have applied to a medical institution to determine the degree of disability to examinations, access to high-quality medical services.

For the assessment of disability, these medical institutions have the right to issue a referral for examination to the Medical & Social Expert Commission State Agency for Medical & Social Expertise & Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection.