Antimonopoly Control Service about whether bread prices can rise again


January 26, Fineko/ The State Service for Antimonopoly Control & Supervision of the Consumer Market received 36 appeals in connection with the increase in prices for bread and flour in Azerbaijan, the appeals are considered in the appropriate order.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Service that prices for food wheat, flour and bread in Azerbaijan are formed not on the basis of regulated tariffs, but on the basis of supply and demand in accordance with the principles of a market economy:

"The prices of flour and bread sold in the country are again formed on the basis of market principles, in accordance with the current import price for food wheat. Under the conditions of current price fluctuations in the consumer market, regular monitoring is carried out in order to prevent unjustified changes in the price and weight of traditional (round) bread, as well as the price of flour and other types of bread, compliance with antimonopoly legislation in pricing. If the monitoring reveals signs of violation of the law by the Public Service, serious measures will be taken.”