Weather forecast for 20 July


July 19, Fineko/abc.az. Changeable cloudy weather mainly without precipitation is forecasted to be in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula tomorrow, July 20. Sometimes increasing north-western wind is expected.

Temperature will be +24-27°C at night and +30-35°C during the day on the Absheron Peninsula and +24-26°C at night and +32-34°C in the daytime in Baku.

Atmospheric pressure will decrease up to 754 mm Hg and relative humidity will be 65-75% at night and 45-55% in the daytime.

Water temperature in the sea on the northern beaches of Absheron (Sumgayit, Novkhani, Pirshagi, Nardaran, Bilgya, Zagulba) will be +26-27°C and on the southern beaches (Turkani, Hovsani, Sahil, Shikhovo) +27-28°C.

The weather forecasters recommend the beach visitors to be careful in connection with increasing north-western wind.

Tomorrow, 20 July, weather is going to be mainly without precipitation, but thunderstorms, short raining, showers and hail are probable in some places closer to evening. Western wind will prevail in times.

Air temperature will be +21-26°C at night and +33-38°C in the daytime, in the mountains it will be 13-18°C at night and 22-27°C during the day.

The Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources warns about deterioration of the weather.

North-western wind is expected to increase in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula from the evening of July 20 to the afternoon of July 23.

Weather conditions will be unstable and rain is expected in places in some districts of Azerbaijan, from the evening of July 20 to the evening of July 24. Showering, hail, and thunderstorms are probable in some places.

Western wind will increase in places. Air temperature will decrease by 3-5 degrees compared to the previous days. The water level in the rivers will increase, and short-term mudflows are possible in some mountain rivers.