Azercell joins V Baku International Book Fair with its Bookmate project


Azercell Telecom LLC, which has conducted a number of successful projects aimed to promote the culture of reading in the country, has joined V Baku International Book Fair with Bookmate project.

The company takes part in the exhibition with Bookmate, a unique project which has raised great public interest in the country. Azercell representatives are informing the visitors of the company stand about the mobile application and procedure to activate it. The visitors showing special interest to the application are granted one-month subscription code as a present. Culture and Tourism minister Abulfaz Garayev visited the fair in the opening day and got familiar with the application. The minister uploaded the application to his mobile phone with the help of company representatives and highly evaluated the possibility of reading e-books in Azerbaijan. A number of honored cultural and art workers also got familiarized with the application and underlined its contribution to the development of literature and science. It should be noted that Azercell is the only mobile operator to take part in the book fair.

Bookmate, a mobile application launched in 2015 for book lovers was developed to read thousands of books in electronic devices. The books in Bookmate are available in Azerbaijani, as well as Russian, English and Turkish language. Subscribers may get bestselling, mostly read and famous classic and contemporary works and other pieces of art in the e-library which includes eight hundred and fifty thousand books. With the subscription fee of AZN 3.5 per month, Bookmate users can read and download any book to mobile devices. Another important point is that the readers will be provided not only with foreign literature, but also works of Azerbaijani authors. Next important advantage of the service is that you do not need regular internet connection for Bookmate library since any book downloaded is available anytime, anywhere, i.e. in the underground and airplane. Furthermore, it does not matter which device you have got in hand – phone, tablet or computer, as the book is downloaded to your personal library, not the device.

Baku International Book Fair will last till September, 30. Azercell Telecom calls everyone to take active part in the fair and invites you to visit Azercell stand and learn more about Bookmate.


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