Bilasuvar district reports tomato and cucumber harvest rise by 536 tons


September 22, Fineko/abc.az. Bilasuvar district has raised vegetables on an area of 1,442 hectares in this season.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the District Statistics Department that tomatoes and cucumbers are grown on the area of 765.4 hectares.

So far, producers have collected 36,823 tons of crop from the sown areas.

This year, the Bilasuvar farmers grew tomatoes and cucumbers in the spring on an area of 765.4 hectares. Land owners who started harvesting on time have so far collected 33,960 tons of tomatoes from an area of 655.4 hectares, and 2,863 tons of cucumbers from an area of 108 hectares out of 110 hectares. 127 tons of products were collected from the greenhouse complexes.

For comparison, this year the harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers in the district exceeds 536 tons compared with the same term of 2019.