Cause of decrease in flow rate of water in Kura River named


May 20, Fineko/ "Climate changes contribute to the reduction of water levels in the Kura. It is also decreasing because of water intake in the upper points," ABC.AZ reports, citing Mehman Akhundov, the director of the Center for Biological Resources Research.

He added that climate change has led to decrease in the volume of the Kura River.

Akhundov noted that the volume of the Kura River also depends on the intake of water from the above sources.

"Reservoirs are being built on the territory of Georgia and Turkey, where the Kura River passes. This leads to reduction in the volume of water. The speed of water flow in the river should be 130 cu m per second. Today it has halved. This also hinders the reproduction of fish," Akhundov said.