European countries with high salaries


July 28, Fineko/ The EU Statistics Office (Eurostat) has published the minimum monthly wage in the countries.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the list, the highest minimum monthly net salary in the 2nd half of this year was recorded in Luxembourg – 2,313 euro.

In Belgium, which holds the 2nd place, the minimum wage is 1,842 euro. With 1,775 euros, Ireland ranks 3rd.

These countries are followed by the Netherlands (1,756 euro), Germany (1,744 euro) and France (1,646 euro). The lowest minimum monthly salary among the EU countries was recorded in Bulgaria – 363 euro. There are also some non-EU countries on the Eurostat list. So, Albania is in last place with 269 euro. Turkey and Bulgaria are slightly higher in the list with 374 euro. Serbia (402 euro) and Montenegro (533 euro), which are not EU members, are on the list above Turkey.

In other countries, the minimum monthly salary in euros looks like this: Greece – 832 euro, Portugal – 823 euro, Poland – 642 euro, Croatia – 622 euro, Romania – 516 euro and Hungary – 504 euro. Six EU countries – Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden – do not have a minimum wage.