Innovation - now farmers be able to calculate subsidies themselves


January 8, Fineko/abc.az. In accord with the new subsidy rules farmers will be able to receive six types of subsidies through the electronic agricultural information system (EKTIS).

ABC.AZ reports that types of subsidies to be given for livestock and crops at the initial stage are posted on portal www.eagro.az in the information system in the farmer's personal account.

At the same time, the amount of funds to be given to farmers has already been determined on all types of subsidies.

In compliance with the new procedure, the Council of Agricultural Subsidies will announce subsidies for crop production, coefficients and amounts of subsidies for it until 15 January. Each farmer who has filled out the application for a subsidy in the electronic personal office will be able to calculate the subsidy designed for him, using the calculator in the office before the application is confirmed.

Currently about 450,000 farmers have been registered in EKTIS.

According to this rule, farmers will receive subsidies for crops, crops, seeds, animals, bees and silkworms through EKTIS.

By Elmir Murad