Grain crops harvested on area of 315,799 ha


June 17, Fineko/abc.az. Grain harvesting is ongoing in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that according to operational data as of 17 June the harvesting has already been completed on an area of 315,799 hectares. 971,747 tons of crop were collected from the fields.

Currently, the average grain yield is 30.8 quintals.

To date, barley has been harvested on the area of 249,943 ha and wheat on 65,856 ha. 768,681 tons of barley and 203,066 tons of wheat were harvested from the fields.

The average yield of barley exceeds 39 quintals in the Agdam, Balakan, Imishli, Saatli, Salyan, Sabirabad, Samukh, and Terter districts.