Aqroservice's net loss reduced by 18%


August 5, Fineko/abc.az. Aqroservice, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture, completed 2020 with net loss of AZN 60.985 million (18.1% less than in 2019).

ABC.AZ reports that last year the pre-tax loss of Aqroservice amounted to AZN 81.4 million (3.75% more year-on-year) and the savings on income taxes AZN 20.457 million (5.05-fold more).

As of 1 January of this year the assets of Aqroservice reached AZN 770.8 million (3.3% more than a year ago). During the reporting period the company decreased by 4.1% to AZN 391.78 million, and the balance sheet capital increased by 12.3% up to AZN 378.99 million.

Aqroservice was established last year on the basis of Aqrolizinq OJSC, which has been operating since 2005. Its authorized capital is AZN 411.976 million.