Orchards are being laid in Yevlakh


July 5, Fineko/abc.az. Orchards and plots for seedlings have been laid in the Yevlakh pilot agropark for the first time, and work is currently underway on growing of rootstocks.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Agency for the Development of Economic Zones of the Economy Ministry that agropark’s first resident ISFA LLC has already started laying orchards and plots for seedlings.

40 hectares of acreage will be occupied by orchards, and 10 hectares by a nursery farm. Early–ripening cherries have already been planted on the territory of 4 hectares of the parcel consisting of 20 hectares, apricots on 2 hectares, nectarines and peaches on 6 hectares, and cherry plums on 1 hectare. 500,000 rootstock plants have been planted on a 5-hectare plot to grow 500,000 seedlings, and a full-fledged automatic irrigation system has been installed. In the farm of ISFA LLC, located in the agropark, 8 people are provided with permanent and 30 with seasonal jobs.