Construction on first section of this road completed 


July 13, Fineko/ Construction work has been finished on the 1st section of the 30-km highway Baku – Guba – the state border with the Russian Federation, which is an integral part of international transport corridor North-South, located between Yashma and Gilazi settlements of Khizi district.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Agency of Highways of Azerbaijan that 4 bridges and overpasses, 5 underground crossings, 2 cargo receiving devices on communication lines, 46 water pipes of various sizes, 31,000 p/m of concrete barriers in the dividing strip of the road were built within the project.

As part of the work on the new highway, the construction of a roadway along the 2nd section with length of 23.5 km, 5 automobile tunnels, 3 underground crossings, 36 rectangular and round water pipes has already been completed. 
Currently, a layer of road surface wear is being built, work is underway to cover the surface on the flanks, work continues on fencing the protective strip.