Another information on incident regarding death of journalists in Kalbajar


June 7, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has released another information concerning the incident regarding death of journalists in Kalbajar

ABC.AZ that according to the press service of the Military Prosecutor's Office: “A criminal case was launched in connection with the fact that a Kamaz passenger car with employees of the media and government agencies was hit by a mine in the village of Susuzlug of Kalbajar region, killing 3 people and injuring 4.

“We note with regret that unfounded and unspecified information about the incident is being spread in some mass media and social media pages. That is why Prosecutor General's Office notes the following about the causes and mechanism of the incident:

During an inspection by the participation of the specialists to the scene, 240 x 230 cm in size, 97 cm deep hole, and 1 completely unusable Kamaz passenger car has been found.

When it comes to the reason for the incident, it was due to the1 anti-tank mine that has been buried at a depth of 60-97 cm according to the size of the explosion area and the view of the explosion place.

It is assumed that exploded mine is an anti-tank mine TM-62P2, TM-62P3, TM-62T, or TM-62B (included in the same group) and the mine was detonated as a result of a bus passing over it.

It was determined with the no remains of the mine in the explosion place that the mine used in the blast was an anti-tank mine of plastic, fabric, or bodyless type, and considered to plant in roads and places that techniques can move using against caterpillars of fugas type, tanks, and armored vehicles.