How did production of fizzy drinks start?


July 11, Fineko/ Almost everyone drinks refreshing soda on a hot summer day.

But not everyone knows who first started producing sparkling beverages.

Drinking of natural mineral water began in early 18th century. But their purchase was expensive, and the gas quickly evaporated.

In 1767, famous British scientist Joseph Priestley proposed a method for producing carbonated beverages by adding carbon dioxide to plain water. The bubbles formed during the fermentation of beer at one of the local pubs attracted the attention of Priestley. He puts a vessel with water on a tank with beer and observes the process of mixing this gas with water. He liked the resulting taste of water. So, he decides to start production of the first type of carbonated drink. This method of producing carbonated water allowed producing only a limited number of products.

Subsequently, Swiss Torburn Ulaf Bergman improved the manufacture of carbonated water. He invented a special device for water saturation with carbon dioxide - a saturator. Mass production of carbonated beverages began precisely from creation of this device.

The first brand of carbonated water - Schweppes appeared in Switzerland in 1793.

And the first lemonade was produced in 1830 in a way of adding citric acid to carbonated water.