AKIA chair: Agricultural machinery worth AZN 70.7 million sold this year


July 17, Fineko/abc.az. The Agency for Agricultural Lending & Development (AKIA) gave subsidized loans for AZN 11.35 million to 328 farmers and sold 1,432 units of agricultural machinery worth AZN 70.7 million to 391 people in the 1st half of 2019.

AKIA chair Mirza Aliyev says that AKIA transferred AZN 27.1 million as subsidies to suppliers and gave AZN 12.67 million of subsidized loans to 236 farmers for purchase of equipment.

Aliyev pointed out that in the 1st half of last year it was sold agricultural machinery for AZN 62.8 million and this year the figure made up 12% more.

"We link that not only with the successful plan of Agrolizing, but also with an increase in the number of private harvesters from farmers. This year it was sold three times more harvesters than for the same term of 2018. It is also an indicator of the creation of favorable conditions," AKIA chair emphasized.