Corn production in Balaken grows


May 12, Fineko/abc.az. This year, it is planned to sow corn on the area of 7,500 hectares in the farms of Balaken district. Until today, farmers have planted corn on an area of 4,670 hectares.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the executive power of Balaken district that last season the Balaken farmers harvested 44,173 tons of corn from 7,213 hectares.

On average, 61.2 centners of the crop were harvested from each hectare.

Corn production increased by 1,179 tons compared with the previous year. The silkworm feeding process continues in the district's family farms. Currently, the silkworms have woken up from their third dream. This year, a contract was signed with 358 silkworm breeder families for growing of cocoons. They were transferred 1,300 boxes of mulberries. In the field of sericulture 1,432 people are provided with seasonal work. This year, the production of wet cocoon in Balaken is expected to increase almost by 8 tons compared with last year and reach 52 tons.