Сities of Zangilan, Kelbajar and Gubadli can be rebuilt by a Swiss company


October 6, Fineko/abc.az. Switzerland’s sa_partners has presented its proposals to Azerbaijan. Our partners in Azerbaijan supported them. The main goal is to ensure safe and decent living for residents who will return to their homes in this region.

ABC.AZ reports that Dunja Kovari, one of the founders of sa_partners, said this at session "Environmentally sustainable and stable urban development" within the National Urban Planning Forum.

She added that the company presented plans for Zangilan, Kalbajar and Gubadli: "These cities have their own peculiarities. Zangilan has very beautiful landscape, and we want to contribute to the construction of the city. The city will be green. The city plan will be semi-centric. So, there will be three centers in the city – the center itself and two semi-centers. Landscaping will be preserved in the city, parks will be laid out, two-storey residential buildings will be constructed, using elements inherent in the city."

In connection with the Master Plan of Kalbajar, company’s rep noted that there are favorable conditions for health tourism, which is taken into account when developing the Master Plan of the city.

Dunja Kovari also presented the Master Plan of Gubadli: "For Gubadli, we offer the Sponge urban concept, which is designed for the rational use of water reserves."