Russians make up 1/3 third of tourists coming to Azerbaijan


August 24, Fineko/abc.az. The rate of inbound tourists in Azerbaijan grew by 5.3% in July and by 9.3% for Jan-Jul of the year.

The State Tourism Agency informs that in July the number of tourists increased by 5.3% up to 330,000 people compared to July of 2017.

"One third or 119,000 people coming to Azerbaijan are citizens of Russia, while tourists from the Middle East make up 20% and Georgia 15%. In general, visitors from these countries make up 70% of foreign citizens coming to Azerbaijan," the Agency said.

The flow of tourists from the Middle East increased by 30% and most of them are visitors from Saudi Arabia. Also, the flow from South and East Asia increased by 63% up to 24% or 7% of all visitors to the country.

At that, the flow of tourists to Azerbaijan from Russia and Turkey decreased by 2% and 1%, respectively, and from Georgia increased by 5%. The flow of visitors from Iran decreased by 35%.

"Over Jan-Jul the number of foreign citizens coming to Azerbaijan exceeded 1.65 million that is by 9.3% more than for the 2017 same term. One and a half million or 31.5% of tourists accounted for citizens of Russia, 20% for Georgia, 13% for the Middle East, 10% for Turkey and 10% for Iran," the Agency said.